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balcony Balcony
basement Cellar
bathtub Bathtub
car_parking Car Parking
bicycle_parking Bicycle Parking
dish_washer Dishwasher
doorman Doorman
dryer Dryer
elevator Elevator
fridge Fridge
garden Garden
gym Gym
kitchen Kitchen
microwave Microwave
safebox Safebox
private_wc Private WC
tv TV
washing_machine Washing Machine
wifi Wifi
Place Rules
These are the rules that are obligatory for the landlord or current tenants.
pets_forbidden Pets Forbidden
cats_allowed Cats Allowed
dogs_allowed Dogs Allowed
small_pets_allowed Small Pets Allowed
small_birds_allowed Small Birds Allowed
family_friendly Family Friendly
no_alcohol No Alcohol
no_drugs No Drugs
no_smoking No Smoking
party_allowed Party Allowed
Here you can define some basic information about the tenancy agreement.
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Maximum tenancy agreement duration can be between 1 and 120.
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preferred_occupation_professional Professional
preferred_occupation_student Student
preferred_occupation_any Does not matter
Current Roommates
Here you can give some impression about current roommates to your future roommate or tenant.
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