About us

What is Hominext about

Hominext helps you to find your new home or matching tenants, roommates or flatmate for your apartment. In addition to place offers, where landlords can present their properties in the best possible way, tenants can promote themselves with a tenant offer. On your profile you can tell more about yourself as a person by providing information about your expectations, requirements, interests or hobbies. This is especially helpful to find the right roommates for you.

Our mission

Finding a new home is always stressful, people don’t know how their future home would look like, if they need to share it with others, they don’t know who is living there or if they have any common interests with each other or not, which languages the other people can talk, what are important rules and regulations in that place, for example, do they like pets, do they like parties or they prefer to live in a very quiet place. In the Hominext platform, we believe people should find a home which they love, together with flatmates they should have fun and live happily. Therefore with Hominext, we are trying to do our best to prepare an online platform that can give you the possibility to know other people before sharing your living place with them. Although for our goal we have many available features, still there are many other interesting coming features that we currently working on them to make Hominext even more powerful and useful. We are looking forward to hearing from all of our users and welcoming any feedback or interesting ideas. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions, feedback, or feature requirements.

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