Manage your rental properties better than ever

Better Teamwork Overview Notified Planing

Hominext is the solution for agents and property managers who want an easy way to manage their rentals

More Efficient

Property listing, agent management, team definition, recommendations, reviews and landing page

Better Overview

Dashboard and reports about properties, teams and agents activity monitor, performance report, etc.

Always Updated

Emails, push notifications, property state changes and direct chat keeps you always updated

All in one

Everything you need to increase productivity, collaboration, revenue and customer satisfaction.

Easy to start

Starting work right away, easy to learn, alongside our comprehensive support to guarantee a smooth onboarding.

Always connected

Direct chat, email, and push notifications help you improve communication with the all parties involved.

How it works​

3 simple steps to get your business online


Create account

Create an account in less than one minute.


Setup your company

Introduce your company info, invite members, define agents and teams.


Make your business

Define properties, make them online, receive rent request from potential renters, get hired by landlords and much more…

What is Hominext?

Hominext is an online platform for all parties involved in housing. It helps real estate agents, brokers, tenants and landlords to connect with ease.

For real-estate companies

For agents

For landlords

For renters

Awesome Features

Grow faster, secure and progressive

Dedicated sub domain

Dedicated sub domain for your business which can be visible under Hominext domain

Branded landing page

Your business logo, cover photo, contact info, google map, imprint, service description, etc

Agent management

Add, remove, list agents, over view of their contracts, online offers and customer reviews

10x less costs

Reduce the costs of database server, domain, technical support, development and maintenance.

More scalable

We are taking care of your page, no worry about scaling just focus on your business development.

More support

Our main goal is your satisfaction, always available, any bugs and issues will be fixed in less than 2 working days. 

More visitors

Your landing page would be available for all our customers, let’s grow ups together.


Web and mobile app are based on latest security mechanism and with automated backups we will take care of your data.

Auto update

Any bug fix, enhancement or new feature would be automatically applicable for your site.

Statistical reports

Statistical reports would help you to keep track of aspect of your business better than ever.

Push notifications

Always get notified about every important events, new offers, new contracts, new customer feedbacks, etc.


Customer reviews of your business which can help you to improve your service quality.

Major benefits of Hominext

+ Premium support

Manage your agents and teams

Simplify the work of your team

Are you looking for an easy way to manage your agents and teams? Then the Hominext platform is just what you need! This powerful tool makes it easy for agents to communicate better with tenants, landlords and other colleagues, get things done more efficiently, and boost your business to new heights. With features like access control and permissions, as well as a performance overview, Hominext gives you everything you need to succeed.

Fast, easy and secure

Built for maximum speed

You’re busy, and we get it. That’s why we built Hominext to help you manage your business with ease. We have all the tools you need to run your business from one place—from direct chat to digital contracts, everything is in one place for maximum efficiency. Plus, our platform works on any device so you can access your information anywhere at anytime!

Dedicated landing page

Present your business louder and attract potential customers better

If you’re looking to give your business a professional online presence, Hominext is the perfect solution. With our easy-to-use landing page and dedicated subdomain, you’ll be able to showcase your logo, cover photo, contact info, and more. Plus, our team of experts will help you get started quickly and easily. So why wait? Get Hominext today!

Rental service, property management service, ...

Be found by customers and sell your services

Hominext is the solution for you. You can join to our community of brokers who help landlords and tenants find each other. With us, you will be found by landlords and renters and get hired by them. We provide tools, resources, and support so you can focus on what matters most—building your business. It’s time to take the next step in growing your business!

Homie business subscription

Standard Plan
Standard plan contains all necessary features that you need, It would work for you without any headache. Please contact us If you think you need customisation or more resources.

Number of place offers


You can define place offers as many as you want

Number of members


Up to 10 company members are allowed in this plan, it is in custom plan.

Number of teams


Up to 5 teams are allowed in this plan, number of teams can be increased in custom plan.

Document management

Document management with 10 Gigabyte of cloud storage for each agent/team

Landing page

Your landing page with dedicated Url address.


You will receive recommended tenants and you will be recommended to the potential tenants and landlords.

Agent management

You can define maximum 10 agents. It can be increased in custom plan.

Digital contracts

10 Monthly

10 free digital contacts every month are included. On demand is possible to buy more.

Monthly online credits

50 online days/month

Every month up to 200 online days are free, but anytime is possible to buy more online credits.

Dashboard & Reports

Statistics and reports about your properties.



Appointment management


Application queue


Contact management


Place reservation


Export data to excel and csv format.

Audience management


Export data (Comming soon)

Export data to excel and csv format.

Billed monthly

499,99 € per month

inkl. MwSt.

Billed yearly

416,99 € per month

inkl. MwSt.

You will save 2 months

Need more?

Any plans are possible. You will get the most out of your budget with a tailor made plan by Hominext. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Start your FREE trial


Frequently asked questions

Hominext is a platform for tenants and landlords which has the goal to bring two parties with similar interests together thanks to several nice features, such as intro videos, direct chats, recommendations etc. 
After finding the appropriate tenant/apartment/roommate you can sign the contract entirely digital and manage all future issues on Hominext. 

It is often a big problem for landlords to find the appropriate tenant that fits perfectly to your requests. Save yourself the stress of forever trying to find the right tenant thanks to Hominext. Hominext offers complete transparency. With the help of intro videos, direct chats and recommendations you will find the perfect tenant in no time. In addition, you can handle all expenses before, after and during the tenancy through Hominext. From digital contracts to management and further planning of future tenancies. Through your own corporate landing page and our team management feature, you can manage all your business activities on the platform. 

Hominext offers a subscription model for business users. This package contains several special features including digital contracts, team management functions, own landing page etc.   
You can choose if you want to pay monthly or yearly. For yearly subscribers Hominext offers a 2 month discount.  

As soon as you create a business account, you will be able to define the landing page of your business, set a logo, provide the contact information, website or social networks. This landing page would be reachable for the public so they can learn more about your business, they can browse through all available place offers or contact the responsible staff of your company.  

A Hominext account is easy to create. You can find the button “Get started” in the top right-hand corner on our homepage. You can register with your email address. Our support is ready to help you with the setup and also assisting you in uploading all the needed data for your company page. 

With our subscription model you have unlimited access to advertise your apartments. 

Anything else?

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