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Frequently asked questions

Yes, all of basic functions of Hominext are completely free for renters. You can search for apartments or create tenant offers (rental request) without any costs for you.

Tenant offers are free of charge advertisement that you can utilise them to describe how your new home should look like, which wishes you have and which rules are important to you. Landlords or tenants in shared apartments can find your tenant offer and contact you if they have a matching home for you.

It is not necessary, but helpful to create a tenant offer. With a tenant offer, you can describe in detail how your new home should look like, which wishes you have and which rules are important to you. Home owners can find your tenant offer and contact you if they have a matching home for you.

When you have found a suitable apartment or shared apartment, you can send the landlord a rent request. Landlords will receive these requests and based on them will decide who he/she want to rent the apartment to.

Of course! The more you send, the more chances you get. So, feel free to send more than one booking/rent request. If several of your requests are accepted by the landlords, you can confirm one of them and rent your apartment.

First of all we will instantly let the landlord know that you have sent a booking/rent request. Then they will review your request and decide to accept it and make you an offer or they will reject it.

If they decide to accept your request and send you an offer, you need to carefully review the offer and make a decision to accept it or not.

Please make sure to view the property and carefully check it before any money transfer.

In the meantime, you can send booking/rent requests for other suitable apartments in Hominext.


It is up to landlords! Users in Hominext are people/companies who are managing and advertising their rental properties here and we don’t have any control on what kind of document they may need for renting an apartment.¬†

Yes, if the landlord wants to charge a security deposit. This serves as a security for them in case any damages are caused by the tenant, for example damage to the furniture. The amount of the security deposit depends on the facilities of the apartment. Once you have sent a booking/rent request, you can see the amount of the security deposit in the respective apartment’s cost overview.


This can have various reasons:

  • A rental agreement has been concluded with someone else in the meantime
  • The current tenants have extended their stay
  • The landlord decided to make the apartment offline
  • We made it offline because we found out that the apartment is not complying with our term of use and/or privacy policies

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