The 10 best platforms to find and rent an apartment in Germany

Finding an attractive and affordable apartment in Germany’s more popular cities is difficult, as there is significantly more demand than supply for apartments. As a result, rents are high, nice apartments receive dozens of inquiries within minutes, and tenants don’t see much choice. Fortunately, there are various rental platforms in Germany that help you with your apartment search. Choosing the right apartment platforms can be crucial for succeeding in the apartment search.

Therefore, we present you the most important rental portals with their advantages and disadvantages here:

  1. Hominext
  2. 1A-immobilienmarkt.de
  3. Immowelt
  4. ImmoScout24
  5. eBay Kleinanzeigen
  6. wg-gesucht.de
  7. wg-suche.de
  8. wohnungsboerse.net
  9. meinestadt.de
  10. ohne-makler.net
Don’t let the apartment hunt get you down! With the right platform, you will find your new apartment!


The newcomer and all-rounder Hominext comes along with many unique features and a fresh design. Of course, landlords can publish their rental ads in a classic way and wait for rent-seekers’ applications. But in addition, Hominext offers rent seekers a platform to present themselves. With a rental request, rental seekers can be found by landlords and raise awareness for their search. As a tenant with a convincing rental request, you will receive inquiries from landlords without further effort. For creating an attractive rental request, Hominext provides you different features that are successful in social media, such as a profile with photos, a description, and, if desired, an introduction video.

  • Rental request for exclusive apartment proposals
  • Appealing design
  • User experience close to social media
  • Many digital support functions
  • Currently completely free for tenants & landlords
  • Less reach than established platforms


1A-Immobilienmarkt.de is one of the leading real estate portals in Germany. Over 20 years of industry experience has been incorporated into the development of the portal. The real estate market is available as a first-class marketing platform for both real estate professionals and private providers. Searchers are quickly guided to suitable offers through intuitive navigation. If you, as a provider, want to quickly find a new tenant or buyer for your property, you will achieve your goal with an insertion in the real estate market. We provide you with qualified inquiries from interested parties who want to get to know your apartment or house during a viewing. Present your property from its best side with beautiful photos or videos to the portal’s visitors and take advantage of the unique marketing opportunity that the real estate market offers.

  • Advertise nationwide and regionally
  • In addition to apartment searches, it also offers services related to moving, financing, insurance, etc.
  • UExtensive content for users
  • Rental request
  • Advertising on the website


Immowelt is one of the two top dogs when it comes to real estate listings. Immowelt has a wide reach and one of the highest user numbers. In addition, Immowelt can score with interesting information and analyses. However, Immowelt does not offer advanced features that allow landlords to find you proactively. In addition, Immowelt, like other large platforms, suffers from fraudulent advertisements that try to cheat rent-seekers out of their money.

  • High reach
  • Interesting information material
  • Many years of platform optimization
  • App for Android & iOS
  • No rental request function


Immoscout24 is the largest real estate platform in Germany and has the most listings. This makes the platform very interesting due to its reach. However, Immoscout, like other major competitors, also suffers from fraudulent advertisements.

  • High reach
  • Many years of platform optimization
  • App for Android & iOS
  • No rental request function

eBay Kleinanzeigen

EBay Kleinanzeigen is the newspaper ad gone digital and Germany’s most popular portal for all kinds of individual ads. In the “Real Estate” category, you can also find rental apartments and houses. In addition, you can create a rental request. Because the platform does not only specialize in real estate, it sometimes attracts customers from other areas of interest as well. As a result, it can also contain advertisements that are not published elsewhere.

  • High reach
  • Special position in the market
  • Rental request function
  • App for Android & iOS
  • Is known for regularly unserious requests


For people who are open to living in a shared apartment (WG), the apartment search at WG-Gesucht.de becomes interesting. The platform is sophisticated and dedicated to its niche. Here you will find many advertisements and rental requests for WGs. Besides Germany, the platform is also active in Switzerland and Austria. The platform also offers an app for mobile devices.

  • High reach
  • Clear focus on shared flats
  • Rental request function
  • Mobile app
  • For shared flats only


wg-suche.de is a nice portal with a clear niche. Anyone who wants to become part of a shared apartment or found a WG oneself will find a good starting point here. On WG-Suche.de, a first impression of available WGs can be gained quickly, as well as of potential flatmates.

  • Good reach
  • Clear focus on shared flats
  • Neat design
  • Rental request function
  • For shared flats only


You can complement your apartment search with wohnungsboerse.net. The platform belongs to the Immoscout group, so some advertisements on the platforms overlap. Since you can advertise for free on the portal, with a bit of luck you can also find affordable apartments from price-conscious landlords. Otherwise, the portal covers the entire price range of apartments. It is also possible to create rental requests and let landlords find you. The wohnungsboerse.net rounds off its offer with helpful free templates and guides on all topics related to renting.

  • Solid range
  • Rental request function
  • Good guides and templates
  • Free for tenants and landlords
  • Many same ads with Immoscout


The city and community portal meinestadt.de offers regional ads on all kinds of topics, such as jobs, dating, events and also real estate. Interesting ads can definitely be found on meinestadt.de, but compared to the other portals, the offer is smaller.

  • Potential for advertisements that cannot be found elsewhere
  • Interesting for other topics such as events in the neighborhood
  • Fewer advertisements than other platforms


ohne-makler.net focuses on publishing advertisements on other platforms and thereby increasing the reach of landlords. Advertisements can also be found on the website, but easy to tell by its cumbersome UI that this is not of major importance to the platform’s developers.

  • Interesting concept especially for landlords
  • Cumbersome UI when browsing ads


Overall, there are many good real estate portals in Germany that can help to succeed in the search for a rental apartment. It is well worth searching several of these portals to find the best offer.  However, that might become a time-consuming task quickly. If you want to take a shortcut instead of grinding through all the platforms yourself, check out our Booster. Generally, you should use existing search filters to narrow down the results when searching. Otherwise, we can recommend creating a rental request for your apartment search. This way you can turn the search process around and landlords can find you! Also, always be cautious about fraudulent listings. Never transfer money in advance! On Hominext you can start your search right here for free and publish a rental request or browse advertisements.

We keep our fingers crossed for your apartment search!

Your Hominext Team

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