The Hominext Booster

Find your home in a tight housing market

Your old apartment is getting too small, you need to get out of your student room or you’re moving to a new city? Then it’s time to find a new apartment! What was at the beginning an exciting browse through dream apartments, quickly becomes frustrating work in an endless loop and under time pressure. What else is there to do than to search all platforms with apartment advertisements twice a day? For all appealing apartments, you introduce yourself to the landlord, send your application documents and call afterwards. After all, you don’t want to miss any of the rare opportunities to find an attractive apartment. If you spend only about 6 minutes on 10 relevant platforms twice a day, you will spend 2 hours a day just browsing through all the ads. Next, you will be invited to view some of the apartments you have applied for. If you are unlucky, this turns out to be a mass viewing with many other interested parties, so that your chances are rather low. Then you need a good portion of luck. If that does not come forth, it can take weeks or months to find a nice apartment, especially in popular cities. So the initial enthusiasm quickly gives way to disillusionment. But what can you do when you need a new apartment?

Find your flat easily and efficiently with the Hominext Booster

Do you want to save yourself the grind and frustration? We have the solution for you! With the Hominext Booster you will never lose sight of an ad. The most suitable advertisements from all platforms will be delivered to your mailbox several times a day via email. Hominext browses almost all relevant platforms for you. You can lean back and all important advertisements will come to you. But that is not all. In addition, your rental request is positioned in the best places. This increases the chance that landlords become aware of you and contact you on their own. Also when chatting, your contact will be highlighted. This way your chances for quickly finding your new home are maximized.

How does the Hominext Booster work?

Boost your rental search in just 2 steps and find your dream apartment in turbo mode.

  1. Create a rental request on Hominext and present yourself to potential landlords. Get a little creative to stand out from the crowd.
  2. Boost the rental request, e.g. via Manage -> Tenant Offers -> Activate Booster. Select the appropriate period, the payment method and you can start.

With the booster, the matching advertisements from all relevant platforms will be summarized and sent to you. You will receive the ads report via email and looking forward via Whatsapp or Telegram. For the duration of your Booster, the ads will be sent to you several times a day. In addition, you will automatically be introduced to landlords in prominent places and your messages will be highlighted. This will not only make you more visible to landlords, but they will also contact you proactively.

All advantages of the Hominext Booster at a glance

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