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As a landlord, I highly recommend using Hominext to advertise your rental properties. Their platform makes it incredibly easy to create professional and detailed advertisements that showcase your property's best features. Plus, their tenant screening process ensures that you are only receiving rental requests from qualified and trustworthy candidates. I have found several great tenants through Hominext and will continue to use their platform for all of my rental properties.
Finding the perfect tenant for your rental property can be a daunting task, but Hominext makes it easy. Their user-friendly platform allows you to create a detailed advertisement in just a few clicks, and their tenant screening process ensures that you are only accepting applications from the most qualified candidates. I have had great success using Hominext and highly recommend it to any landlord looking to simplify the rental process.
As a busy landlord, I don't have time to waste sifting through countless rental requests from unqualified tenants. That's why I love using Hominext. Their platform allows me to easily advertise my rental properties and their tenant screening process ensures that I am only receiving requests from the most qualified candidates. I have found several great tenants through Hominext and appreciate how much time and stress it has saved me.
As a landlord, I have had a great experience using Hominext to advertise and find tenants for my rental properties. One of the things that initially attracted me to Hominext was how easy and user-friendly the platform is. It was simple to create an advertisement for my apartment and to connect with potential tenants. The platform also offered helpful features, such as a messaging system that allowed me to communicate directly with applicants and quickly answer any questions they had.


Frequently asked questions
Yes, all basic functions of Hominext are completely free for private landlords. Currently you can search for tenants or advertise your apartment for free.

To advertise your apartment, go to Manage>Advertise after logging in. There you will see the ‘New Place’ button to create a new listing.

After you create a new apartment in your listing and put it online, it’s Hominext’s turn to show your apartment listing to potential renters. Prospective renters show their interest by sending a rental request. The number of rental requests you receive depends on the location of the apartment, the rental price, and other important information you include in your listing. Therefore, we recommend that you make your offer as detailed as possible.

The number of rental requests you receive depends on where your apartment is located, how much the rent is, the quality of advertisement, photos and other important information you have included in your listing.

If you have received a rental request, you can check the profile of the requester, you can watch his/her introduction video, if available, or chat directly with him/her and then make your decision. You can even send a customized offer to a candidate with special conditions and prices. 

No, it depends on your rental object and the quality of its advertisement. What we will do is to show your advertisement to tenants and recommend it to relevant people. You can increase your chance by providing proper information, good quality photos and fair prices.  

First of all, congratulations. If you rent your apartment for a short duration then you can keep it online and search for the followingrenter for the next time period or you can simply set it offline.

First, please check the criteria of your search. Most of the time, using a criterion to filter apartment listings is the cause. If this is not the case, go to the managing area and open the listing page, then make sure your advertise is online. If it is not you can easily set it online. In case of any issue please contact our support.

It is up to you as a landlord! But we recommend to request it to confirm the applicant’s financial reliability and prevent future loss of rents. Renters can easily order a Schufa-BonitätsCheck directly on Hominext and get it online, fast and secure as PDF document.

Hominext helps you to find your suitable tenant, flatmate or roommate in different ways:

  • You will be able to actively even before advertising your rental property search for the potential tenants who are searching for a home similar to your apartment.
  • Like other conventional home finding platforms you can advertise your apartment and receive rent-requests and communicate with potential tenants.
  • You will have possibility to get to know your future tenant better in advance and save your time, money and energy and avoid to have unnecessary meetings, email exchanges, calls and repetitive questions with every potential tenants.