Hominext for landlords

Without any risk, 100% free, no credit card required.

Besides helping you to rent out your properties easier,
Hominext also helps you to manage properties, renters and much more!

What we do differently

Easy management

All your places, renters, documents, communication and more are digitally bundled in one place.

Save your time

Your time is too precious to waste finding suitable tenants, with some unique features Hominext takes care of that!

Rental agreements

Renters can send you a rent request if they are interested in your offer. Check at a glance if they meet your expectations.

Why use Hominext

Recommended Renters

At Hominext, tenants have their own profile in which they can define all their interests, requirements, needs and wishes for their new home. This allows us not only to suggest fitting homes to renters, but also to suggest suitable renters to you.

Rent Requests

A rent request is like an application of potential tenants for your housing. With the ability of attaching their profile, documents and an intro video, this gives you a valuable impression of who is interested.

Intro Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words they say, and we think a short video is even more powerful. That’s why we give renters the opportunity to take a short video to introduce themselves to you as a landlord.

Control Panel

The control panel in Hominext is the heart of our system, where everything comes together. Manage all your places, renters, documents and communication in one place instead switching between platforms.

Direct Chat

Always be in contact with your potential and active renters by our integrated chat functionality. Besides chatting you can exchange pictures, too.

How it works

In just 3 easy steps


List your place

Create your place offer in the most
convenient way.


Receive Rent Requests

Potential renters who are interested
in your place offer will send you rent requests.


Renatal Agreement

Found the right tenant? Perfect! Now make a rental agreement containing all necessary information.

Start Now

Without any risk, 100% free, no credit card required.


Frequently asked questions

As a landlord, you can rent out living space free of charge. You can create place offers, manage rent requests and conclude up to three rental agreements. If you want to make more than 3 rental agreements in parallel, or use digital contracts, you can sign up for our Homie+ subscription.

In your dashboard, under the Manage section, you will find all the information about your place offers. Here you can easily create a new place offer to find a suitable tenant for your living space. You can find detailed instructions on how to create an place offer here.

If you have received a rent request, you can first view the profile of the potential tenant. If this tenant meets your expectations, you can accept the offer and you will enter into a rental agreement. If it is not the right tenant for you, you can reject the rent request. You can find more information about rental agreements here.

In your dashboard, under the Manage section, you will find all the information about your rental agreements. Here you can cancel the respective rental agreement. You can find detailed instructions on this topic here.

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