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The 8 best qualities to look for in a roommate

Did your last roommate take away all your hopes and dreams of having the perfect roommate? Did you wallow in gloomy loneliness in your rented apartment, reminiscing about the time you thought you had the ideal roommate, but instead he stole all your food?! Don’t worry, because we’ve all been fooled before. If you’re looking for a roommate who doesn’t mind a Joey to your Chandler or prefers a Marshall to your Ted, head straight to Hominext and find your ideal match! No matter what type of roommate you are, you can effortlessly and safely find your perfect roommate here. 

Luckily, life is the greatest teacher of all! As Albert Einstein said, “A person who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Sure, you’ve made a few mistakes, but you now know what you DON’T want in a roommate, and that’s a step in the right direction! Having a roommate teaches you many important life lessons, such as patience, compassion, and adjustment. You MUST try to look for certain positive traits in your next roommate that will complement and enhance your personality. If you are looking for someone to rent your room to find the ideal roommate, join Hominext now! Advertise your room with us easily and securely to find the perfect roommate. 

Here is the list of the best qualities to look for in your next roommate: 

1. Understanding

You tell your roommate how busy you’ve been lately, and come home to freshly cooked food and do the housework! Dreamlike, but also one of the most important character traits to look out for. A good roommate is always on the same page as you. She or he understands you and your needs better than anyone else. 

When you live with someone, your entire dynamic changes with them. No two days are the same, and that requires some unspoken understanding. Some days you need space to work things out for yourself. On other gloomy days, a shoulder to cry on is the order of the day. Find someone who understands you on another level! 

2. Compassionate

You want to find a roommate who is compassionate and empathetic. When you meet a potential roommate at a nearby bar, pay attention to how he or she treats the waiter or waitress to see their true colors. If they are rude and snap at the people around them, that is a BIG RED FLAG. You want to be with people who have a friendly demeanor and treat everyone with the same respect. 

Little tip: You can do this more comfortably and safely with a trusted roommate matchmaker! 

3. Organized

An organized roommate is a big plus. Not only do they keep their rental space clean, but they keep themselves clean too! The organization is one of the most important skills all adults need to learn when they start living on their own. A roommate who keeps their surroundings neat and tidy will save you a lot of time and effort in disciplining and cleaning up after a messy person. If this sounds like your roommate of choice, be prepared for Monica to be a great fit for your Rachel experience. 

To find the roommate with the best qualities you desire, go to a trusted roommate finder portal like Hominext where you can both search or provide options for finding the perfect match! 

4. Honest

No one in the whole world is perfect, but honesty is as good as it gets. Tell your roommate that you ate the last piece of his favorite chocolate cake or that you forgot to water his precious houseplant. This is better than him second-guessing you and holding a grudge against you. 

If you are honest and patient and cooperative, all problems can be solved. Lying roommates only make things worse, so beware of dishonest people! 

5. Giving

Sharing means caring! When looking for a roommate, make sure you find someone who also gives. We are not talking about material things here. Patience, kindness, and generosity are invaluable character traits in a person. 

Look for a roommate who is genuinely happy to give you the right advice when you ask for it, or lend a helping hand when you need it most. Since your roommate knows intimate details about you (including your bathroom schedule), he or she must be willing to reciprocate your positive attitude and empathy. 

6. Good listener

Living with a roommate who listens to your worries and incessant nagging is a gift from God. A good listener is a very rare personality trait that is often overlooked. A good listener listens not only to reciprocate but also to understand and empathize with you. They walk with you through all your hardships and give the most remarkable advice ever.  

7. Balanced

No one wants to live with passive-aggressive roommates who throw tantrums on a whim and make your life dramatic for no reason. When looking for a roommate, make sure she or he remains calm in any situation and doesn’t lose his or her cool quickly. 

8. Reads between the lines

Last but not least, a perfect roommate always reads your moods and feelings without you having to express them. They are a combination of all the above character traits and cooperate with you like no one else. They make the whole living together exciting and brighten up any day, no matter how dull! 


Find a roommate quickly via Hominext in cities like Hamburg, Munich, Bonn, and many others before the good ones are gone, and cross these items off your list of personality traits! More importantly, be the perfect roommate for someone who has these traits and collects good karma for a future roommate search! 

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